Corporate Profile

office W-holding is the holding company for multiple investment companies. Through some of our affiliated companies we have been operating in the global for e-Commerce, Beauty Products and Electronic Components. W-Holding engages in providing design service, supplying and servicing hardware, software, electronic components and beauty products. As a dealer and designer, we offer a wide range of branded and OEM products. We specialize in analyzing, sourcing and supplying.

W-holding’s main customers are Multi-National Companies with local network, Public Limited Companies and Small-Medium Enterprises. We are also provides one-stop service to source other ICT-related products for its customer to value-add its overall business relationship.

It is our utmost customer service objective to be able to stay competitive, to provide good services and to build rapport which lead to customer loyalty. We aim to maximize our customer satisfaction by creating of valuable and attractive products or services that appeal to the consumers.

Our Values

  • Over the years, we have built a core staff who take pride in being part of a team that seeks to provide high-quality service, integrity, and results.